Ad Blocker Testing Made Easy

We live in a world were advertising is essential for brand success. Live in your world were you are free to browse the internet unobstructed.


Make your browsing safer

-Yes, malicious ads are in use putting your computer and data at risk.  The fix is simple...block ads and stop the source of malicious code.

Block trackers from collecting browsing usage data

-You are not alone.  Everything you do online can be tracked and data is collected about your system, browsing habits and more.

"This information should be used by all users regardless of their operating system, ideology, or beliefs in how the internet operates."



Many public Wi-Fi connections are unencrypted, offering the chance to intercept data being sent and received by your device. Sometimes, attackers even create fake Wi-Fi hotspots purporting to be legitimate networks. Using a virtual private network (VPN) - available by subscription - means it’s much harder for your data to be intercepted. 

If in doubt, don’t open it – and don’t click it

Cyber criminals send fake emails or texts that can look authentic. The links in these contain malicious software that can mine your computer for personal information. Be wary of any emails and messages that seem to be from a company you do business with, especially if they contain spelling  mistakes or perhaps use a different tone of voice compared to previous legitimate communication you’ve received from the company. Also remember that most businesses will never send you emails or texts, or even call you, asking for secure information - visit the company’s official website directly to verify authenticity.

Use a comprehensive, integrated security solution

Using different security software assets can be more of a headache than anything and leave gaps in your defense. Consumers are usually better off using a single comprehensive security solution that covers all their connected devices and protects against all the different types of threats - from spyware and viruses to financial trojans.  Ad Blocker testing should be a first line of defense in this understanding of the internet.

Stay vigilant & responsive  

Regularly check your bank and credit statements to spot any transactions you didn’t make, quickly. If you see anything that looks odd, alert your financial institution and change your credit or debit card. And, if a company you use has experienced a breach, change your passwords immediately.