Spotlight: ShardSecure on Protecting Data At Rest Without Encryption

In this Spotlight edition of the podcast, we speak with Marc Blackmer of ShardSecure about that company’s new approach to protecting data at rest. Marc and I talk about the challenges of securing data in hybrid cloud and on-premises environments and how ShardSecure’s Microshard(TM) technology is being used to protect firms from inadvertent data leaks as well as threats like ransomware.

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Marc is the Head of Marketing at ShardSecure

Securing data at rest seems like a problem that we should have solved a long time ago. And yet, a quick scan of the headlines tells us that the truth is far from that. Barely a week goes by without revelations of large-scale data breaches and leaks from both corporate networks and, increasingly, cloud-hosted infrastructure. 

Data At Rest = Data At Risk

In recent days, online gaming firm SEGA Europe admitted that an audit revealed sensitive data was being stored in an unsecured Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 bucket. In December, it was Audio equipment manufacturer Sennheiser, which admitted that it exposed the personal data of around 28,000 customers through a misconfigured S3 bucket,

How to Overcome Threat Detection and Response Challenges

Encryption tools for securing that data are widely available, but they come with costs both in management overhead and in speed of access. Besides, public key encryption has been the go-to for securing digital data for four decades. Isn’t it time for another approach?

Microshard: A New Approach

Our guest today says that he may have one. Marc Blackmer is the Head of Marketing at ShardSecure, an innovative, Boston-based start up that has come up with a novel way to secure data on premises and in the cloud without using encryption. As its name suggests: Shard fragments and scatters stored data across various data repositories, only to reassemble it on request. 

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