Spotlight: Operationalizing MDR with Pondurance CISO Dustin Hutchinson

In this Spotlight Podcast, Pondurance Chief Information Security Officer Dustin Hutchison joins me to talk about the value that managed detection and response (MDR) technology plays in an environment of proliferating threats. Dustin and also talks about how companies can operationalize MDR within their environment.

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Dustin Hutchinson is CISO at Pondurance

Enterprises today have a full plate of challenges when it comes to cyber security. In addition to doing the basic blocking and tackling like software updates and user management, organizations have cloud and third party risks to worry about. The rise of ransomware makes regular on- and off site backups of key systems and data indispensable. 

And, then there’s the prevalence of sophisticated criminal and nation state adversaries. Organizations today simply can’t count on their ability to keep the bad guys off of their network. That’s why incident response and threat hunting capabilities are in high demand – and low supply. 

Proliferating Threats: Enter MDR!

Given the diversity of cybersecurity skills that are now required, its no surprise that managed detection and response (MDR) firms are becoming a staple of enterprise security, as companies look to outsource mission critical cyber security tasks to trained professionals. 

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But that begs the question of what kinds of firms are likely to benefit the most from contracting with an MDR firm. And, given that your organization can benefit from MDR, what do you need to do first to be in a position to bring one on? And what is involved in the process of integrating that MDR firm into your IT security operations? 

Operationalizing MDR in the Enterprise

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